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Writing the Next Chapter in My Life…What Will Happen Next?

Life is a book and we are the authors of our own story.  My book is currently ending a chapter.  I’m going to be “offing” a few characters and simplifying the plot.  It’s time to rewrite my story and wipe the slate clean.  Who… Continue Reading “Writing the Next Chapter in My Life…What Will Happen Next?”

The Joys of Dinner Conversation with Teenagers

Oh the joys of dinner conversations with teenagers.  Last night my two youngest teens were conversing about dating.  Here’s how that went down (paraphrasing) – Daughter: You know that I heard you have a girlfriend.  Are you dating? Son: What do you consider dating? Daughter: … Continue Reading “The Joys of Dinner Conversation with Teenagers”

Has Anyone Seen My Sense of Humor???

My morning started abruptly with a phone call from a certain sibling who will remain anonymous due to the fact that the evidence would most certainly incriminate him.  I must think this one through because some points are well…pointless. Let’s talk about generational curses… Continue Reading “Has Anyone Seen My Sense of Humor???”

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