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What is a Mushball?

What is a mushball?  My definition involves a very emotional person who cries at commercials and feels the highest highs and deepest lows.  They feel too much sometimes.  They love deeply and others have a hard time comprehending that they can love so easily. … Continue Reading “What is a Mushball?”

My Secret Life…CASA

In February of 2011 I started the Advocacy class for CASA of Williamson County.  It was an intensive two month training.  Background checks and self assessments completed, I graduated in March 2011.  I was very excited to be a part of this organization.  I’ve always… Continue Reading “My Secret Life…CASA”

Healing America – Love IS the Answer

Ten years ago today America faced a tragedy beyond our gravest imagination.  The horrific images are forever etched in my mind.  I am most certain that if anyone living in America was asked what they were doing when they found out the news, they would… Continue Reading “Healing America – Love IS the Answer”

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