Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Flowers will be purchased, gift baskets will be delivered and restaurants will be filled with families who will celebrate the women in their life. Social media will be lit up with posts of happy mothers showing off their gifts. Not everyone will be celebrating.

What is a mother? To me, it is not a woman who simply gives birth. It is the woman who takes the time to love and nurture a child to adulthood. She opens her arms without the expectation of anything in return. If you have experienced this kind of love, whether from a biological or adopted mother, be thankful.

If you are a child or adult mourning the loss of your mother, know that you are not alone. Treasure the memories and do something to honor her life.

If you are a mother mourning the loss of your child, may you feel the love of family and friends as you process your grief. No one will understand your grief like a mother who has walked your journey. Be gentle with yourself during this tender time.

If you are a woman who longs to be a mother and you are fighting depression every time this day rolls around, know that there are other women who walk in your shoes. You are enough. Keep your heart open to the gentle nudges of your heart.

If you are a child or adult who has not known the security of having a mother, may you find a wise woman in your life that will offer you nurturing. There are so many widows in the world and elderly in nursing homes that would jump at the chance to have time with another human being.

If you are a mother-to-be, enjoy each breath you take as you give your baby life. Every moment is precious.

Mothering can come from a nurturing father, mentor, or foster family. It can come from a teacher, grandma, aunt, neighbor or even an older sibling. My hat is off to every human who shows up to nurture a child.

Wherever you find yourself on Mother’s day, may you know that your journey is uniquely your own and it is okay to celebrate, laugh, cry, honor or mourn.

With the deepest love ♥

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