10 reasons why I’m grateful for my Warehouse job

If someone would have told me a year ago that I would be working at Amazon as a warehouse worker at the age of 52, I would have laughed (although the thought of moving my body and giving my mind a rest would have been enticing).

In October of 2019, I quit the mortgage industry after 14 years. It was time for a change. I do not miss being on call 7 days a week and I do not miss the stress level and long hours at a computer/on a phone. When I initially began working at Amazon, I was just happy to have a job. It’s been a month and I have had time to reflect on what I’ve learned and surprisingly this job has been a perfect match for me right now.

With a grateful heart, I would like to share 10 observations about my new employment and what it has taught me:

  1. I’ve accepted my near OCD nature to organize things. I get to stack and put boxes in order all day long. It is oddly satisfying and therapeutic.
  2. Working on a conveyor belt line keeps me focused and in the present moment. My mind does not wander. If it did, I would not be able to do my job efficiently or safely. Who would have thought it could help me in my meditation practice?
  3. I’ve learned that you have to prioritize your workflow and come back around to the things that can wait. Life in general is the same. Some things require immediate attention while others can wait for another day or time.
  4. I am getting paid to get into shape! No gym membership needed. I typically walk 7-9 miles a day at work. If you are familiar with Apple watches, I complete my circles daily. In this particular time in my life, having the confidence to do a physically demanding job has shown me I can achieve what I set my mind to do.
  5. Meeting people from different cultures has expanded my mind. Amazon is a very diverse work place. I have struck up conversations with people that grew up very differently from me. Learning another person’s perspective in life can be enlightening.
  6. I am thankful to have been offered a full time position and benefits in this time of uncertainty. Due to the Covid circumstances, new employees have been extended benefits that would usually take months to get. Just when I was at my wits end trying to find a job, this one came out of the blue. An answer to my prayers.
  7. I actually look forward to going to work. I look forward to saying hello to my new found friends and getting a great workout each day. It is a wonderful feeling to know someone’s name and acknowledge them in the morning and to be acknowledged.
  8. Teamwork is a must in a warehouse. Each person counts and all jobs are important. My co-workers are happy to jump in if I struggle with lifting something too heavy. Likewise, it brings me great joy to help others.
  9. I have been able to satisfy my need to be a social butterfly at work. Essential workers have to work. Social butterflies have to be social.
  10. A new perspective. Working at Amazon has given me the opportunity to see life from a different perspective. Any time there is new perspective, there is growth.

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