One Last Gift

1996 marked the year I was blessed with a baby girl. Her entrance into the world was long anticipated. My oldest was 10 at the time and I had all but given up hope of having another child. She came to me in the most interesting way through adoption.

The birth mother and her oldest sister Deborah looked at potential parent profiles. And our family was chosen. We had a week’s notice to prepare for her birth. It was a frenzy of excitement and preparation. A baby girl. While we were preparing to say hello, the birth mother and her family were preparing to say goodbye.

The birth day came and the birth family spent time with her. Holding her, loving her and speaking sweet messages of hope that they would one day see her again. Both families came together in a hospital waiting room. It was a blend of bittersweet emotions. Joy, excitement, sadness…felt by everyone.

The oldest birth aunt seemed to hold the family together and she reached out to me before we left the hospital and made sure that we knew that our girl was loved. I knew that. Feeling that connection with the birth aunt is something that I have always been thankful for. She wrote letters to our girl and made sure that the connection continued.

This past week, this amazing woman whom I consider a sister, went to her heavenly home. It is a shock that I am sure her family is still processing. I am too.

She was instrumental in my sweet girl reuniting with the rest of her birth family. This woman took my girl under her wings and got her in contact with multiple birth family members. The healing journey had begun for my girl. There was one piece missing. My girl wanted desperately to meet her birth mother. That happened this week at the funeral of her amazing aunt. I believe it was her one last gift to my girl. The healing continues. This woman will be deeply missed but I can tell you that she is undoubtedly watching over her family in Heaven and orchestrating wonderful things.

RIP Deborah ♥

One Comment on “One Last Gift

  1. What an amazing gift to give…..your girl is so loved by many & had grown into an amazing woman….just like her mom 💕


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