Where’s the Rainbow?

A few weeks back I was speaking to my mom on the phone. The weather was wet and overcast.  I was looking outside and said to mom, “I don’t see any rainbows.  Where are the rainbows mom?”  My mind went to Pops, my stepfather who passed last May.  He was a man who always laughed and seemed to find something funny in every situation.  I was in the process of trying to find the bright spot in a few situations.  Mom, always the wise one, left me to figure it out for myself.  After our conversation, I asked Pops out loud, “Where is the rainbow Pops?”

I kind of expected him to make a rainbow appear to me as a sign that everything would be okay.  I certainly didn’t hold my breath on that wish but I did look into the sky and contemplate the question.

A week later, I was at a store digging in my coin purse to pay for something.  I just needed a quarter to finish the transaction.  I pulled out a quarter and to my great surprise, there was a rainbow sticker on that quarter!  The cashier must have thought I lost my mind as I laughed out loud.

Pops, in real Pop fashion, taught me that rainbows are everywhere.  Sometimes you have to find a different perspective and let go of how things appear.  While I was busy looking everywhere else, the rainbow was right in my purse the whole time!

Thank you Pops for your reminder and thank you mom for giving me the space to figure it out for myself ♥.



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