Writing the Next Chapter in My Life…What Will Happen Next?

Life is a book and we are the authors of our own story.  My book is currently ending a chapter.  I’m going to be “offing” a few characters and simplifying the plot.  It’s time to rewrite my story and wipe the slate clean.  Who will survive and what will the focus be on next?  That’s a great question since the newest chapter is formulating in my head as I write.

What I learned in the last chapter could fill a book in itself; self love, forgiveness, closure, setting boundaries, becoming authentic, claiming who I Am.

I see a blank page in front of me as the words whirl in my mind.  There is not yet a visceral awareness that registers in my body but there is a sense of great change.  I know that any great writer is willing to completely scrap a storyline in order to create a better one.  Well I’m scrapping my story so I can create a new one.  It’s called a “do-over” in some people’s books.

So here are my thoughts about the heroine and a new story development:

1.  She will drop the storyline about not being able to live her dream.  It is getting old and doesn’t do her justice.  There are more exciting things to reveal about my heroine that should come to the forefront.  It’s called character development.

2.  The heroine is going to release the need for a happy ending and a peek into the future chapters.   If I gave away the plot, there would be no need to read the book anyway.

3.  Future chapters will introduce new supporting characters and a few old ones who will really make the story interesting.  A few twists and turns will bring about some amazing synchronistic events.  You won’t see this coming!  Hell, I don’t even see it coming.  I’m going to trust and let go.

4.  This book will become more humorous.  Drama “rules” in many books but humor is down right healing.

5.  There will be more adventures that will empower my heroine.  She is going to reach to new horizons and have some incredible experiences that are beyond her wildest dreams.

6.  There will be more supernatural phenomena.  She will embrace the spirit world with grace and share it with her readers.  Oh the stories she will tell!

Whether you are a lead or supporting character in my book, I thank you for being a part of my story.  It’s time to take the plot to the next level!  Hang on to your tail feathers and soar with me 😉

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