What is a Mushball?

What is a mushball?  My definition involves a very emotional person who cries at commercials and feels the highest highs and deepest lows.  They feel too much sometimes.  They love deeply and others have a hard time comprehending that they can love so easily. 

Although I have not seen this as an attribute but rather a weakness in myself, I am learning that it takes courage to be honest about my vulnerabilities.  YES, I Am a Mushball!  There I said it (blushing and feeling like I’ve attended my first AA meeting). 

I’m emotional, vulnerable, empathic…so what?  I guarantee you that I not only experience all of the black and white but the many shades of grey.  As a matter of fact I experience the whole infrared spectrum too.  I’m still working on the self judging and loathing of being so emotional but the first step in recovery is awareness of the situation.  It IS okay to feel so deep.  It is a gift.  It is a strength that can be used to help others. 

As my perception changes, I become more courageous in my own eyes. 


4 Comments on “What is a Mushball?

  1. Felling the highest high and the lowest low, your post touched me to the core. Beautifully written and yes I am a mushball!

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