Serendipity Happened in My Living Room


There I was sitting in my living room, minding my own business, typing a text to my niece (or so I thought).  I pushed the send button on my iphone and waited for a response. 

The response I got was definitely not what I expected.  “This is not _____________, sorry.”

Hmmm….I looked at the text and realized that I had all but the last number in the phone number correct.  So one number off, and the adventure begins.  I apologized for the error and told the “wrong” number that I had a blonde moment (which I am notoriously known for).  This is not the end of my story though.   

“Wrong” number texted back as if to reassure me that it was really okay.  We struck up a conversation.  It was so exciting to converse with someone who I knew nothing about.  What can I say, curious is my middle name.  No need to remind me about the curious cat, my mom has preached this to me since I was wee little one.  I found out that the recipient to my erroneous text is a retired teacher with a grandchild that she absolutely adores.  There is a certain camaraderie that I felt with her.  For reasons beyond my rational, we connected at a particular place and time and she really made my day.  I hope that she got as much out of the serendipitous moment as I did.

Who knows, maybe we will have tea at a future time.  She is exactly the kind of person I’d like to get to know…someone who is willing to embrace serendipity wherever it finds her.  Something tells me that we will become friends and have a great story to tell our grandchildren. 

How do such moments happen?  Certainly not by planning them!  Be open to all the “coincidental” and “random” moments in your life…you never know when your journey will take a nice detour.  It’s all of the unexpected side trips that really make the journey memorable.

This is in honor of my new Serendipitous Friend ♥


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