Trust Your Own Vibes


If I told you that tomorrow your skin would turn green unless you eat your weight in carrots would you do it?  I didn’t think so!  That may seem absurd but how many times do people give you advice that you feel does not resonant with you and borders on ridiculousness?

Our rational mind takes a leave of absence especially when the person giving us advice has some extra letters behind their name such as Dr., LMC, PhD, etc.  We’ve all done it.  So what makes us give away our personal power to a virtual stranger?  My personal opinion is that we do not trust our own gut feelings.  It is ingrained in us to trust those in “authority”.  It’s time to question.  Question everything!  I am not saying everyone you have ever encountered gives you wrong advice.  I’m simply asking you to become aware of your own feelings, gut, intuition, Holy Ghost, whatever you want to call that feeling deep inside of you that speaks your truth. 

Empower yourself!  How do you do that?  Let’s try a few simple experiments that you can do today.

1.  Learn to discern your own truths.  Check in with your heart as you listen to people today.  Do their words resonate with you?  Do their words repel you?  Are you indifferent about it?  Do their words ring true to you?

2.  Question your thoughts – When you form an opinion on a subject are you making a judgment based on your feelings (heart) or rational (thoughts)?  Is there is disconnect between your thought and your feelings?  If so, it’s time to go deeper.  When our intellect rationalizes, our heart disengages and we are unable to make a heart based decision. 

The purpose of the experiments is to make you aware of how you process information, form decisions and opinions.  We are either coming from a place of love or a place of fear.  Fear based decisions and opinions never serve our greatest good. 

“I’ve never made a love based decision that I’ve ever regretted but my intellect has really made some interesting choices”.

It’s time to trust your own vibes.




2 Comments on “Trust Your Own Vibes

  1. Amen Dina! Something I was thinking about just today. Then I read your blog, very timely. I was telling myself today…Why is it that I usuallly have regrets when I do not always follow my own intuition? When I set my own intuition aside because of another’s opinion, insight, direction, etc. Not that their input is not worthy or helpful. I never feel as good as when I follow it exactly. I have developed enough good judgement that I am not going to do something stupid. I also usually fall short of my own personal goals not doing it my way. So why not always do what I want and let the world follow-up with what ever it gives me in return. This is when I am most happy because I own it, whatever it is, 100%.


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