My Brother the Teacher

“The more you want to be a teacher, the more you need to be a student.” ~ Alan Cohen

The return of lupus and fibromyalgia after a pretty long run of good health has been kick in the pants.   Not that I have been completely symptom free in the past decade but I have been blessed to work through any physical problems I have had.

It was very difficult and humbling to admit that I am sick.  I’m a healer for God’s sake!  How can I heal if I am sick?  Although it might seem contradictory, many healers spend a great deal of their childhood and/or adulthood healing from sickness.  It is often their own illnesses that bring them to a place of strength and compassion to help others.

There have been many wonderful friends and family who have helped me put this in perspective.  The most unexpected advice came from a call I received yesterday.  My brother who is homeless and living under a bridge felt there was something wrong with me and he called to check on me.  We have always had a special connection.  It is usually me who worries about him.  I have felt in the past that he wasted his talents and gifts.  However his phone call changed the way I felt about his life and choices.  He called to encourage me and remind me of the my purpose.  The words that came out of his mouth were so profound that I am still reflecting on them.  My brother with the healing words…it is a gift.  He didn’t throw it away.  All this time I mourned for his loss of purpose in life and I realized that maybe it was I who didn’t understand his purpose.  I thanked him for sharing with me and told him, “You have a gift brother.  You should share your gift.”  To my astonishment he said, “I do sis.  I share encouragement and counsel the homeless people who live under the bridge.”  I was absolutely floored and again very humbled.  My brother the teacher and I the student.

Without this experience, I might not have realized there is purpose to everyone.  I am so grateful to my brother who has opened my eyes to the bigger picture.  This journey is becoming very interesting and rather serendipitous.

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