A Message From Beyond

As I pulled into the automotive shop one early morning last week, I was drawn to a particularly beautiful Monarch butterfly laying on the ground as if ready to take flight.  I got out of my car and squatted down to take a closer look and realized that it was upside down and dead.  It was just too beautiful to be laying in vain in an auto shop parking lot.  So I picked it up and put it in my car.  I made a mental note to myself to bring it in to my house when I got home so its fragile wings wouldn’t disintegrate.

A few days went by and the butterfly still remained in my car.  I kept thinking to myself, “Don’t forget to bring the butterfly in the house”, however it didn’t happen.  But what did happen was quite serendipitous.

Yesterday I picked up a friend who was carpooling with me to Austin for an event.  We were catching up on each other’s lives.  She recently lost her teenage granddaughter to a battle with leukemia.   She planned on honoring her granddaughter’s birthdate by ordering butterflies that she would set free that day.  Not just any butterfly but Monarch butterflies…and then I realized that I still had the Monarch butterfly that I found in the car.  I showed my friend the butterfly I had found a few days before and she was amazed at the coincidence.  Now I know that I didn’t bring the butterfly in because it was meant for my friend (although I attributed it to laziness).  It was a message from her granddaughter letting her know that she was with her in spirit.  God does work in mysterious ways.

Never underestimate a gentle urging to do something.  The smallest acts can often be the most extraordinary messages.


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