Yes I Am Psychic! Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

Yes I Am psychic!  It is not an easy thing to say because the word Psychic smacks of 1-800 numbers and crystal balls and that doesn’t set well with me.  It is much easier to speak about The Gift.  So now that I am out of the spiritual closet let’s talk about this gift because I believe that everyone has had psychic phenomenon in their life.  It can be the still, small voice that you listen to that tells you not to take the commuter train at lunch – you don’t and it saves your life.  Or it could be that feeling that you need to call a family member and when you do, you find out that they were wishing that you would call.  Maybe it’s the parent in you that drives you to check into the place your teenager said they would be – only to find out they put themselves in a bad situation.  Psychic awareness is about being still and tuning in to yourself and those around you.

I’m a medium, medical intuitive and have channeled spirits too.  Yep I said it.  If I’m going to confess I might as well put it all on the table.  These gifts have been with me since I was a little girl.  My first connection with spirit (that I can recall) was at the age of four.  I heard a male voice who used to encourage me and tell me I was going to be okay.  In my little mind I figured it was Jesus talking to me but I kept it to myself for many years because hearing voices was something you just didn’t talk about.   I felt other people’s pain as a child.  It used to torture me because I couldn’t discern my own feelings from other people.  As a result I spent a great deal of my childhood being sick.  My boundaries were not set and I was a sponge soaking all the emotions into my space.  I’ve learned a lot over the years.  Like how to set healthy boundaries with energy and spirit.

Being a medium can be quite scary if you are not aware of what is going on.  The most important thing that I have learned is that I have the power to allow or not allow a spirit to come through.  I get to set the ground rules.   I believe that mediumship can be used to help heal relationships between those that have died and those that are living.  Connecting to spirit can give closure, answer questions, solve crimes, or simply bring a smile to someone’s face.  It is a gift that I credit to God.

Over the past few years I became aware of another aspect of this gift – being medically intuitive.  I have the ability to scan a person’s energy and find spots or conditions that need to be looked at in more detail.  I Am proudly claiming this gift as a Medical Intuitive because it is part of my life purpose – to help heal and bring to light the healing that can occur.  I in no way advocate that I alone can heal someone.  But I can facilitate healing on a spiritual level so that physical healing can occur.  This gift does not contradict medical help or medications, it is a way to complement other therapies that are in place.

I have channeled messages from angels and saints since my mid thirties.  At first the messages were for me and my healing.  But some of these angelic messages have made their way on my blog as stories and quotes.   Why not share a positive message?

Now that I have announced this, my intention is to begin the spiritual work at hand.  I Am ready to do readings.  I Am ready to use my gifts to help others.  It is what I Am here to do.

I would like to thank everyone in advance for believing in me.  I urge you to come out of your Gifted closet.  Withholding gifts is actually a selfish act.  Share your gifts with the world ♥

I will have a new Face Book page soon.  Stay tuned for the next adventure!

p.s. I am now taking appointments 🙂  Message me on Facebook or give me a call 254-319-6915

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