Power Statements – The New Resolution!

With over $1 Million in book sales, I donated half of the proceeds to my favorite charities.

Did that get your attention?  That is a power statement.  It is a clear, detailed resolution with adrenaline packed action.  Is it true now?  The intention is true and imprinted so deeply in my heart that I can see and feel this already happening.  I see the result as I write checks out to various non-profit organizations.  I feel the gratitude that I have for being able to make a difference.

I challenge you to CREATE your own Power Statements.  It is no longer a question of what the year will bring to you but what will YOU bring to 2012?

6 Comments on “Power Statements – The New Resolution!

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  2. Wow, yes wonderful! For me it’s fuzzier than before b/c of Paul’s condition and when he may/may not be home (to us), but this definitively helps me reach for some clarity. Thank you!


  3. Just stopping by to let you know I posted my first post on my music site today, I didn’t forget you asked me to let you know. Please let me know somethings I can do to improve trust your judgement. 🙂 It’s under thedawnofmusic.wordpress.com or easier my home page on twitter. Breezewindz , Thanks have a Great evening.


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