Merry Dysfunctional Christmas!

Tis the season to be merry, cheery and dysfunctional!  I’ve come to the conclusion that every family has a bit of craziness.  My family is not only crazy at Christmastime but every day of the year.  So I can positively say that there is consistency and perseverance that runs in my blood.  There has never been a boring Christmas in our house.  I almost feel sorry for those that live a very stable, predictable life.  What’s the fun in that?

I grew up with a clan of musicians.  Every holiday and family get-together created a soundtrack memory of my life.   Beautiful music paired with people who expressed themselves more freely with liquid courage.  It was cheery, mushy, funny, at times hysterical and definitely Youtube material (if only we had Youtube in the 70’s).  Those that fought all year-long would keep their peace during the holidays.  In-laws and out-laws alike would mingle and break bread together.  However the police side of the family would make notes on the whereabouts of the out-laws to they could arrest them after the Holiday Armistice.

Many on my kinsfolk who imbibed a little too much are now passed and I only have the memories of those dysfunctional years.  Our family today has splintered into two groups.   One clan who has broken the cycle of liquid courage and other such substances, and the clan that continues the tradition with added chemicals.  It makes for an interesting holiday when the two get together.

I don’t agree with the way some of my family members live their lives.  What my family has taught me is this:  You don’t have to like everyone but love them wholeheartedly regardless of their afflictions.   We can all use a little love especially during the holidays.  It’s how Christ would have celebrated Christmas.

2 Comments on “Merry Dysfunctional Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas Dina,
    All families are dysfunctional, the best way to deal with it is to laugh(after you finish crying and have more of a sense of perspective), go on, and continue with random acts of kindness and senseless acts of joy! That keeps them all guessing what you are up to! ;-))


  2. Awesome hearing about your families Christmas traditions and it’s dysfunctionality just like your friend Arlene says above, just laugh thank you so much for sharing!

    The dysfunction on my family’s side is our tradition watching LOTS of scifi movies (innocent dysfunction, but dysfunction nonetheless)…we are all serious Scifi junkies! 😀 Music would be wonderful and for us and that comes in when I pop in a Christmas tape or I tune it to a station playing Christmas music since this was always my job (nobody else seemed to be bothered by no music). We don’t drink at all and although I know of no alcoholics in my family, you would sure think there was some history there with the total lack of alcohol. It’s all normal to me. And although my hubby’s side is football, football, football, I get to totally escape that with my side who aren’t into sports of any kind unless you call watching old Star Trek episodes a sport 😉


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