Experiments in Kindness

I am trying a new experiment in life called “Daily Random Acts of Kindness”.  Life has been very emotionally challenging lately and I needed something to lift my spirits.  My angels heard my request and answered my prayers.  They inspired me to create a business sized card that I could pass out to people.  This card would not mention names, or any type of affiliations.  It is meant to reach out to strangers and invite them to join in the game of “Daily Random Acts of Kindness” with no strings attached.

This week I have handed out at least a dozen cards and what I have found is that I have enjoyed the feeling of giving to the point of being giddy with delight.  It is exciting to look into a crowd of people looking for a way to help someone.  What I have learned is that when you give with your heart, you also receive in kind.  That is the law of the Universe.  It has been hard for me to be on the receiving end but I realize that by allowing others to help me I am sharing the gift of giving.  We all deserve to give and feel good about it.

On Tuesday my youngest daughter fractured her ankle and we ended up at a local Emergency Room.  My heart was heavy about our finances due to some circumstances beyond our control.  I thought that this was not a great time to have to pay $200 out-of-pocket for an ER visit.  The receptionist/nurse was very friendly and I expressed to her that this was one of many financial challenges.  She listened to me with compassion and told me she had a $50 coupon for first time services at her company.  The bill was instantly reduced to $150!  I had my “Random Acts of kindness” cards in my purse but this time I had to receive.  I was humbled and very thankful.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose is to give it away”

It is my hope that when you find yourself down and challenged, that you will reach outside of yourself and find the gift of giving.

Thank you to family and friends who have kept my family in your prayers.  I am full of gratitude for all the support ♥.

An update 10-27-11: I received a thank you card in the mail this week by someone who received my Make a Difference card.  Wow!  It has made my day and the giving “keeps on giving”.  Plant the seed and watch it grow.

4 Comments on “Experiments in Kindness

  1. Awesome Dina, my motto has been “Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of Joy” for many years, but I never thought of putting it on a card. Way to go girlfriend!!!


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  3. Hi Dina,
    Thank you for sharing the pingback and visiting my blog. ♥ ♥

    Today, I found myself MORE inspired by YOU than you being of ME. You may know that on Day 27 of the 365 Challenge, we focused on being generious. I found myself uncommly uncharitable, ungenerous, unloving and uncompassionate. I had zilch in the tank. No fluffy bunny in the wardrobe. No hug to give, just plan boring me without my Jazz. Sometimes, I quote reaching “outside of yourself and find the gift of giving” can be hard to obtain, especailly when you are burning two ends of the candle at once. So… I can relate to your story about your daughters ankle and the ER visit price. You were definitely blessed with kindness even in the face of adversity. I love your idea of “no strings attached” idea about connecting with people to be and act generous to others. Great way to inspire, reach out
    and touch someone, somewhere. You get in abundance of kindess of what you put out.

    Best of success with the cards, you will shine!

    P.S its a great post about being generous even though you feel less inclind to be generous and charitable. Each day should be: put on foot in front of the other and take the hard days with stride.

    ♥ Ezzy


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