Healing America – Love IS the Answer

Ten years ago today America faced a tragedy beyond our gravest imagination.  The horrific images are forever etched in my mind.  I am most certain that if anyone living in America was asked what they were doing when they found out the news, they would be able describe in detail what they were doing at that time.  The responses were shock, dismay, fear, grief, and a deep sense of mourning for the loss of America’s safety.  It is not how I want to remember America responding to such a cataclysmic event in the pages of our history.

These events will no doubt will be played out on TV today in an endless loop of tragedy.  We have mourned and we have dealt with these emotions already.  It is time to heal and see the good that has happened in spite of this tragedy.  Americans have a great flexibility to reach beyond the bad cards dealt and find something “winning” about the situation.  So I’m going to lay the cards out on the table.  Life IS valuable and there were hundreds of Americans that taught us that lesson on September 11, 2001.  Firefighters, EMS workers, men and women of all walks of life made a decision that day to do their last good and selfless deed to save the lives of others.  Instead of mourning their passing, I want to honor their selfless acts and celebrate their courage and love in action.  We can learn so much from them.

This message has particularly been brought home this past week as I have watched countless Central Texas firefighters and emergency personnel risk their lives to save others.  Some of these men and women have lost their own homes in the fires, yet instead of complaining they are continuing to do their jobs and selflessly help others.  That is what this day is about…selfless action in the form of love.  Love IS the answer.

2 Comments on “Healing America – Love IS the Answer

  1. Dina:
    I have now caught up with the latest in your world and it gives me reason to reflect, feel, and possibly react or not, as you have said in many of your passages. Reflection and feeling happen each and everytime and that becomes a part of me in my world that adds to my life and its meaning. And yes, the love and wisdom you impart to me and others gets mulitplied and makes us all better for it. Thank-you for sharing. Joe


  2. Thank you being a part of the dialogue Joe. Your words not only encourage but inspire me to be the absolute best that I can in this life. We are all ripples in the pond of life and each wave radiates out to touch those that have not been touched yet. Thank you keeping the energy going.


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