Check Your Price Tag

If you haven’t evaluated your personal worth lately, perhaps it is time to rip off the “clearance” tag and dig a little deeper into your thoughts of self value.  Although there are no simple calculation methods, remember that you cannot use the “comparison” method.  As an individual, YOU have a unique combination of qualities that make you irreplaceable!  There are no replicas in this world.  If you have forgotten your worth, find someone in your life that you look up to and admire.  Bring all the positive feelings that you have for that person into your heart and allow them to soak into your being.  They are simply a mirror of your own beautiful soul.  Yes, that’s right!  If you recognize beauty in another, then it must be inside of you for you to be able to recognize it.  Think about that!

If you know your personal worth, do your friends and family a favor and mirror their beauty to them so that they may recognize their own worth.

Namaste (the God light in me honors the God light in you) beautiful souls ♥

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