Are Your Eyes Smiling Too?

Dina and Grandaughter Carson - Smiling

As I cleaned out my closet this week (metaphorically and literally) I came across large plastic bins of pictures that have not been touched in five years.  I decided that now IS the time to clean out the past and move on.  As I took a trip down memory lane I noticed something hauntingly familiar in the pictures from my past – my mouth was smiling but it seemed that the smile got lost somewhere between my mouth and my eyes.

“Some people wear their smile like a disguise.  Those people who smile a lot, watch their eyes.  I know ’cause I’m like that a lot.  You think everything’s ok, and it is…till it’s not.”  ~Ani Difranco

True joy came to me far and few between in my previous life.  Some of it due to my circumstances but I know that most of it was due to how I perceived my life.  Again, the powerlessness that I felt about my situation created a space of hopelessness.  I could easily point a finger and say it was someone elses fault for making me miserable but the truth of the matter is, I did it to myself!  I allowed the situations to continue and I gave my personal power away.

“When we blame, we give away our power”.  ~ Greg Anderson

Now that’s a big wake up call!  My ego fought that one for a while for a while because I was at the Master Level in the Blame Game.  When I went through a divorce the first thing I wanted to do is point a finger and say, “Nanny, nanny, boo-boo it’s YOUR fault!”.   That was not the first situation where I have pointed fingers nor will it be the last because everyday I am evolving into a better human being.  Each and every day I have an opportunity to create joy in my life.  It is MY choice.

A part of me grieved for the time that I lost being sad.  Such a tragedy.  Yet it was part of my journey that brought me to where I Am now which is thankful for each new day, for the awareness that I Am the creator in my journey.  I cannot change some of the things that can or will happen to me but I can certainly choose my attitude.

Awareness does not mean that I Am enlightened but it gives me the chance to be different and make changes, break old cycles, move forward and be present for each moment of my life.

What I noticed in the more recent pictures are crow’s feet around my eyes and I am okay with that.  I cherish the lines that hold the beautiful smile on my face for they tell a story and when I smile, my eyes smile too.  The lines may be on my face but I can’t but think it makes me brighter and prettier when I smile.

“A smile is an instant way to improve your looks”.  ~ Charles Gordy

5 Comments on “Are Your Eyes Smiling Too?

  1. don’t forget to share any of those photos! Still waiting for the one’s from our “Barney Party” at Fort Campbell.
    Love ya TONS!!


  2. I guess the old saying, “you’re never too old to learn” just became very clear to me…really enjoying taking this journey with you…


  3. I am so glad that you are on this journey too! It is really not mine to claim because it is shared by wonderful people such as yourself who comment and add their experiences too. Thank you for sharing Rene and give yourself a big hug ♥


  4. Dina:
    Logged on to see your blog as we discussed last night at CASA mtg. What an interesting and thought provoking blog you have going! I enjoyed reading it and I will be on-line to see more from future blogs. Thanks for your insight and honesty giving clarity to what most percieve as gray areas in life. I tell you its the color gray that leads to us to technicolor when we wipe away the haze. Joe V.


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