A Warrior to the End – Scizophrenia cannot define a courageous soul

If you have ever dealt with a family member who has had mental problems, then you know that there is fine line between holding them accountable for their actions and having compassion for them.  I’ll have to admit at times that having a brother who faces these challenges can be very frustrating for me.  But just when I feel that I am fed up with his antics and want to throw in the towel, a gentle voice reminds me to be thankful that I have my mental faculties and I can reason and function in society.  I know that he suffers from deep mental torment.  His world changes daily, oftentimes by the hour.  The question I always have in the back of my mind is, “When should I back off and allow him his experience and when should I try to intervene?”  There are no easy answers.  The best I can do is listen to my heart and hope that I can serve him for his greatest good.

In his more lucid moments we have deep convesations about life.  He is so intelligent.  I like to imagine him without the tortured soul.  In my mind he is gregarious, charming, and at peace.  Maybe peace is not in the cards for him this lifetime but I cannot help but feel that he is a courageous soul who once said, “Yes Creator, send me down to earth with a fragmented mind.  I will lovingly teach my family about compassion, unconditional love and gratitude.”  This poem is for you Dear Brother.  I love you!

A Warrior To The End

by Dina Neatherlin, Summer 2004

He hears the voices on any given day

They tell him what to think, what to say

He is in a far away place

He is neither here nor there

His mind transcends all reality

Making his life surreal.

He becomes confused at times

Not knowing what he feels.

He is like the glass that is broken,

Fragmented beyond repair.

He cannot be in the moment

Because he lives in the yesteryear

What is real, what is imagined?  He cannot say. 

He looks to others

To help him find his way.

In his mind the answers do not come

He wants peace, he wants love.

His tortured soul lives another day.

Where his journey ends I cannot say.

My heart aches for him and I say a little prayer

That he will rise above his afflictions

And conquer all his fear.

His divine soul he doesn’t know

He cannot comprehend

But I see his light shining bright

A warrior to the end.

4 Comments on “A Warrior to the End – Scizophrenia cannot define a courageous soul

  1. Dina that was beautiful. I do believe that these tortured but brave souls elected to become teachers to those who needed to learn about a special kind of love,compassion, and patience. And when it is time for them to go back Home there is a special blessing awaiting them.


  2. Thank you Kim. I agree that these souls are teachers. Wouldn’t it be great if the major populace would realize the golden opportunity that we have to learn
    instead of putting these people in a box?


  3. Well said! My personal experience is, “Physical” handicaps are easier to deal with and “Mental” handicaps can be a challenge. I am with you regarding the use of intuition-timing to be my guide. I believe there’s a window of doing the best you can and someone or something else having my back just encase. Namaste! 🙂


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