Now is the time to be like Nike and Just Do It!  So here I am ready to share my reality with you.  I will warn you that I will be covering some pretty serious topics at times and sharing some very personal experiences but don’t let that shy you away because I happen to have a great sense of humor.  My wish is that you will be able to relate to my stories and spread a message of hope and healing.  There is never a wasted experience if it brings awareness and growth.   “Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.”  ~Sigmund Freud

Thank you in advance for joining me…It’s show-time!  Stay tuned

“Whatever the question is…LOVE is the answer”

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  1. Hi Dina! This blog is a great idea and I am so proud of you. I will be reading it and checking up on you!!! I love you lots.


  2. I will definetly be following your blog…this is awesome! I’m so proud of you! You have overcome so many obstacles in your life & you turn each one of them into a “lesson learned.” You are a blessing to have as a friend, cousin, & now teacher. Love you cuz…


  3. Rene remember that I am simply reflecting a truth that resonates within you ♥. Thank you for the kind words. We all have a story to tell. I do so admire you for your courage in being yourself. There is so much that we all can learn from each other. Love and hugs


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